55 Events Place brings celebrations to the next level, may it be a grand event or an intimate get together. It is the perfect venue for weddings, debuts, birthdays, corporate events, seminars, and more.

It is not the typical venue at this side of Manila for it offers different event space options that can cater 30 to 250 guests. It can be styled to your own liking and can be transformed to your dream event.

55 Events Place boasts an array of different themes that includes well-designed buffet set-ups, modern & classic enterprises, great selection of silverwares, tables and chairs. Furthermore, we have strong partnerships with industry’s top event specialists that can help you add magic to your celebrations.

55 Events Place offers its amenities and features for you and your guests to enjoy. Celebrate your events with us and it will surely be extraordinary.


  • To establish enthusiastic working environment among team members.
  • To provide clients with an exceptional service experience.
  • To create customized packages for clients and incentivized programs as promotion.
  • To keep and grow a good client-customer relationship.
  • To keep our facilities and amenities well-maintained and always available for industry upgrade.


To be the LEADING VENUE for events that houses memorable celebrations and where services are nothing less than EXTRAORDINARY.


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